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8 x Capella Work Machines

Radley College is a prestigious boys’ school in Oxfordshire, covering 800 acres of playing fields, golf course and farmland, with eager plans to become carbon neutral in the next few years.


For the maintenance of the college’s grounds and the transportation of essential equipment, the gardening department relies on sturdy utility vehicles. When replacing machines, it was important for head of grounds, Adam King to find a vehicle that meet the demands of the job well while taking a step towards the estate’s carbon neutral goal and it was decided an electric fleet was the way to go.



The college had an aging fleet of UTV vehicles that needed to be replaced. The new vehicles would be used for everyday activities such as transporting waste or litter and landscape materials around, carrying lawnmowers, and assisting in heavier workloads with fencing projects and hard landscaping ­– they needed the ability to carry slabs and all sorts in the back.



Adam chose a fleet of eight Capella Work Machines as a suitable replacement for most of Radley College’s utility vehicles for the grounds department.

The STAR EV range and specifically the Capella Work Machines caught Adam’s attention because of its lithium-ion batteries, which were deemed preferable over other lead acid options on the market that are less favourable when it comes to longevity and charging.

Following closely was the machines’ 670kgs payload, which means they are more than capable of fulfilling the tasks required around the site.

The grounds department can opportunistically charge and expect a good 60 miles per charge. There’s a constant amount delivered throughout the discharge so there’s no need for them to worry about power drifting and a 670kgs payload means that the department can easily accomplish its heavy-lifting duties.


The fact that these machines tip-toe quietly around the site without disturbing the students while they work was also a major selling point.


The Capella Work Machine is a great replacement for Radley College in its effort to become carbon neutral. The students are very aware of sustainability and the investment from the college in STAR EV reflects its intention to reduce its carbon footprint and supports its ethos for future-proofing the purchases it makes. 


To talk to Reesink Ireland about STAR EV all-electric golf buggies, call 045 241963

STAR EV stands up on its own as a worthy contender in the fleet vehicles market. We’re really pleased to have them on board our journey to carbon neutrality

Adam King

Head of Grounds, Radley College

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